What is the best way to communicate with my camper(s)?

  • Writing letters – Parents are encouraged to write letters to their camper.  US mail is delivered to camp on a daily basis. Camp address is:

4963 Saint Seraphim St.
Rock City, IL 61070 

  • Calling your campers – Parents should limit the number of calls they place to their camper to twice a week. Please call your child during breakfast (9:00am), lunch (1:00pm) or dinner (6:30pm). Camp phone number is 815-449-2765.
  • Campers calling home – Campers should use a calling card or call collect when calling home. The camp phone does not have long distance.

Can I visiting my camper(s)?

  • Yes.  Parents must call ORPR Camp to schedule a visit. Visitation hours are Saturdays or Sundays from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend Parents Weekend (which is traditionally the 3rd weekend of the camp session) for St. Vladimir’s Day festival. Registration and information can be found on the ORPR Camp website www.orprcamp.org

After I arrive at camp, can I just go into my camper's cabin?

  • No. Parents are asked to not enter the physical camp area unless accompanied by a counselor (nachalstvo).
  • All automobiles must be parked in the church parking lot.

What is the camp schedule like?

  • Every day there is a full schedule that includes a number of different types of activities and ensures that the campers are busy from morning until night. Campers are divided up in to teams (zveno) and participation in all camp activities is mandatory.

Do you have a Camp Conduct or Discipline Policy?

  • Yes and parents, volunteers and campers are required to follow all camp rules (included in the application package). Failure to follow camp rules could result in expulsion from camp and all camp activities. Campers and parents are required to sign the Camper Code of Conduct.

What is the Vladimirovo Day Celebration include?

  • To celebrate the feast day of Saint Vladimir, the campers perform in a Russian arts program. The program consists of displays of Russian dancing, choir, plays and marching. Campers receive medals and awards during the ceremonial parade.

Can I send a care package to my camper(s)?

  • Yes. Parents can send snacks and supplies to their campers. We ask that you NOT end energy drinks, perishable food, or chocolates.
  • All camper snacks are stored in the camp store and distributed after lunch.

What do you keep my camper(s)' medicine?

  • All camper medicines are store in the camp office (shtab) and dispensed by the camp nurse.

Can my camper bring a cell phone? 

  • No.  Campers are not allowed to bring cell phones.  Additionally, they are not allowed to bring video games, iPods, iPhones, mp3 players, magazines or playing cards.  If found, these items will be confiscated.

What about a digital camera?

  • Cameras are allowed in camp but campers must bring cameras at their own risk.

Are there any closing ceremonies?

  • Yes.  Closing ceremonies are held on the last day of camp. Campers receive medals and awards earned during the ceremonial parade.
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